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Pair of Brass Portholes Antique Nautical Wall Decor

Pair of Brass Portholes Antique Nautical Wall Decor

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Bring Nautical Charm to Your Beach Abode with a Pair of Brass Portholes

Transport the timeless allure of the high seas into your coastal retreat with this pair of antique brass portholes. These nautical treasures, once integral to seafaring vessels, now offer a captivating way to infuse your beach home with an unmistakable maritime flair.

Imagine these portholes adorning the walls of your seaside sanctuary, their rich patina and solid brass construction instantly elevating the space with an air of rugged sophistication. Mount them in your living area, allowing their porthole windows to frame stunning ocean vistas or beckon in the warm, natural light. Alternatively, let them lend an unexpected touch of whimsy to your beach house bathroom, creating the illusion of an underwater escape with each indulgent soak in the tub.

Beyond their decorative prowess, these antique portholes are a nod to the golden age of sailing, when explorers embarked on daring voyages across uncharted waters. Display them as a reminder to embrace an adventurous spirit, or let them simply evoke treasured memories of salty ocean breezes and the gentle rocking of waves against the hull.

Incredibly versatile, this pair of brass portholes can be mounted separately to create stunning visual vignettes or arranged together for a more dramatic, statement-making appeal. No matter how you choose to showcase them, their timeless beauty and rich history are certain to elevate your beach abode with equal parts maritime authenticity and coastal charm.

This listing is for both portholes.


These portholes are in good vintage condition and can be opened wide (see photos) by untwisting the bolts. They have nicks and patina from actual use, giving them great character.  Please note, however, that the porthole on the left is missing one of the bolts. It still closes securely. 

These portholes are pretty heavy, so be prepared to have a secure way to mount them to a wall if that is how you'd like to style them.


Measure about 14.5 inches long and 12 inches wide, including the brass frame. The inner glass measures about 8 inches in diameter. The bolts extend about 4.75 inches out (from the wall, for example).


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