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L.C. Smith & Bros Typewriter No. 1 Antique Home Decor

L.C. Smith & Bros Typewriter No. 1 Antique Home Decor

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This L.C. Smith & Bros Typewriter No. 1 is a stunning piece of pre-war decor. This model is a rather hard to find one, since it was produced so early, from 1905-1911. It features a 10 inch carriage and the logo of the L.C. Smith Bros. company, a typewriter inside a horseshoe surrounded by three horses, prominently on the front. It would make a wonderful on display on a desk or even for a collection.


It is in good condition, with everything mostly working. We would non-professionally say that it is in "almost" working condition. All the keys work, but some of the mechanisms in the back seem to have some rust, so might not work correctly 100% of the time, meaning after a quick restoration, it should work wonderfully.


Measures about 14. 5 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 10 inches tall.


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