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Wooden Runner Sled Vintage Winter Decor

Wooden Runner Sled Vintage Winter Decor

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This vintage wooden sled is a great rustic piece of holiday decor. The sled is a great piece to use as a Christmas or holiday display or with general winter decorations. Can you imaging how much fun the little boy or girl had as they were shooting down a hill on a snowy winter day? 


The sled is in decent vintage condition, with the middle slat being broken a bit. The writing on it is too faded to read, so we can't tell what brand it is.


Measures about 22 inches wide at the handles (the widest point) and 43 inches long.


Our sleds are large, and thus cost a decent amount to ship. The shipping price has been calculated for locations on the West Coast, as they are the farthest distance. If you live closer, your shipping may be significantly less. If you would like a more accurate shipping quote, please do not hesitate to message us.


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