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Vintage Blue Pretzel Tin, Pre-ferd Baking Co, New Jersey

Vintage Blue Pretzel Tin, Pre-ferd Baking Co, New Jersey

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Here we have a stunning vintage blue pretzel tin from the Pre-ferd Baking Co. out of Newark, New Jersey - a charming piece of useful vintage kitchen storage decor that adds a fun aesthetic. Featuring a blue checkered pattern and wonderful graphics of old-fashioned pretzels on each side, this tin is a unique and eye-catching addition to any vintage-inspired kitchen or food collection. 

Finding the history of the Pre-ferd Baking Company proved a bit difficult (probably because of the odd spelling) but this tin likely dates to the late 1940s. While this was originally used for storing pretzels, today it brings a touch of picnic-inspired charm to your cottage chic kitchen. It can be used as a centerpiece for a rustic table setting, as a decorative piece in a vintage-style room, or as a functional storage solution for your pantry or kitchen.



It is in good vintage condition, overall. One side shows a bit more wear than the other. The bottom is still solid, something you don't always see with these old tins, and is ready to be used for storage again.


Measures about 13.5 inches tall and 12.5 inches in diameter.


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