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Coca-Cola Button Sign Vintage Tin Soda Advertising Wall Decor

Coca-Cola Button Sign Vintage Tin Soda Advertising Wall Decor

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This vintage Coca-Cola button sign is a neat piece of vintage advertising. This sign was made by Allen Morrison Sign Co. and features the "Sign of Good Taste" slogan screen printed in yellow ink. This slogan was an advertising campaign the company used throughout the 1950s, dating this sign to that era. This Coca-Cola sign encapsulates the nostalgic spirit of Americana. More than just advertising a beverage, its faded patina and classic styling evoke cherished memories of carefree gatherings, sunny picnics, and the simple pleasures deeply rooted in American culture.

This piece would be a great addition to any modern industrial space including a warehouse loft or a chic urban apartment, seamlessly blending vintage charm with contemporary style. It would also look stellar on a restaurant wall, enticing customers to order a tall glass of Coke as they await their meal and think of times passed when the comfort of a cold soda would ease all worries. A decorators delight, this sign could be the centerpiece for a mid-century themed wall or even artwork for a bar. No matter how you choose to showcase this vintage metal sign, its vintage charm and rich history is sure to make it a conversation piece.


This sign is made out of porcelain enamel. It shows some heavier wear throughout, including chips and porcelain loss. While not in pristine condition, this piece is still displayable and ready to hang, full of character and patina. There are two mounting brackets on the back for hanging.


Measures about 23 inches in diameter. 


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