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Eye and Ear Anatomy Vintage Pull-Down Chart

Eye and Ear Anatomy Vintage Pull-Down Chart

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This vintage eye and ear anatomy pull-down chart is both artistic and informative. It features the anatomy of both the eyes and the ears with several diagrams, and some details on the skin along with a key on the bottom. This pull down chart would look amazing hanging on a wall as a statement piece, doctor's office, or be the perfect gift for a medical student. Recent trends are making these charts most popular as decor in homes and businesses rather than their intended purpose as teaching aids. Their diagrams are expertly depicted and can be considered to be works of art in their own right. They are perfect for adding some flair and character to that empty wall. The print was published, mounted, and sold by Denoyer-Geppert Company, Chicago as part of their anatomy series in 1963. The medical illustrations were performed by M. Röhl. It is an original, not a reproduction.


It is in good vintage condition, with normal wear. It has a small rip at the very top above the image, which would be on the roll still when pulled down fully so it doesn't interfere with the image at all.


When open completely, the chart itself measures about 73 inches long. The bracket measures about 47.5 inches wide in total and just the chart part measures just under 42.5 inches wide.


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