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1915 California Porcelain License Plate Vintage Yellow Auto Collectible

1915 California Porcelain License Plate Vintage Yellow Auto Collectible

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Here we have a vintage 1914 California porcelain license plate. This plate is made of porcelain enamel, which is a thin layer of glass finish over steel. The plate features the number 104816 and black on yellow coloring.

This plate would be a fun plate to display on a Ford Model T at a car show or in a garage or add this plate to a license plate collection.

License plates make great house warming gifts or gifts for someone who was born the year the plates were issued, and they look stellar on a wall in a collection with many different states and colors. It would be a neat gift for someone who lives in California, a souvenir to remember a trip to the state, or even as decor to a California lover.


This plate is in 100% original condition and has no touchups or restoration. It is in great condition with only some minor wear from actual use over the years. Most notably, it has some chipping around the mounting holes in the center edges. This is a pretty nice example of this plate since this year is very prone to chipping due to how thin the porcelain is.


Measures about 16 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

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