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Apgar Dover New Jersey Hutch Bottle Vintage Antique Glass Bottle

Apgar Dover New Jersey Hutch Bottle Vintage Antique Glass Bottle

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Here we have a vintage Frank F. Apgar Hutchinson soda bottle out of Dover, New Jersey. Featuring a blob top, these bottles are also known as Hutchinson or Hutch bottles and had various different methods of closure / opening, most having some sort of cork or rubber stopper. This bottle features a slug plate with the embossed logo. This bottle would look stunning in a collection, as a vase for flowers, or on a windowsill.


Measures about 6.75 inches tall.


It is in good vintage condition for its age, it is fully intact. It does have a small chip in the top rim, however, this is an old chip, as it is not rough but rather smooth.

This bottle was dug from the ground where there are still treasures of the past to be found, and sometimes, as in this bottle, still intact and in great condition. However, because it was dug, it may have some flaws to the glass. We try to describe these to the best of our ability, but there may be something we miss. Please also look at the photos. Bottles like this make great additions to windowsills, bookshelves, or even putting them on display in a bottle collection. Our bottles have all been cleaned with water, but might be able to be shined up more if you so desire. We leave them as-is since some people like that just-dug look and there's not getting that back once it's gone! They have not been tumbled.


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