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Barbie Doll Ponytail #5 with Clothes and Box Vintage Children's Toys

Barbie Doll Ponytail #5 with Clothes and Box Vintage Children's Toys

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Here is an original vintage late 1950’s blond ponytail Barbie doll plus a large wardrobe. We believe she is a ponytail #5 Barbie, but are not experts in this area. This set includes:

  1. Basic Barbie doll with black striped strapless bathing suit and black high heels. The metal stand and original box are included.
  2. Floral petticoat set (6pcs)
  3. Blue fashion undergarment set (6pc)
  4. Cooking Apron, utensils and food set (23 pcs)
  5. Winter holiday set (4pc)
  6. Picnic set (5pcs), hat and fishing pole are in poor condition,
  7. Ballerina set (5pcs), black leotard and tights are in poor condition
  8. Wardrobe case (poor condition)
  9. 2 dresser drawers – plastic – perfect condition and fit inside the wardrobe perfectly.
  10. Misc. clothes (12 ps) and accessories to include: 5 hangers, 4 books, recorder player with 7 records luggage (very poor condition) and more (total of 40) additional pieces). 



All items are in good to fair condition, they have some discoloring from age. There are 97 total pieces. Barbie herself is in fair condition with on small blue ink dot on her face and, one arm is slightly worn so it will not stay in position. Her pony tail is still 95% intact. Sunglasses have one arm missing. The original box does show some heavy wear.


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