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Earthy Toned Book Collection Instant Library

Earthy Toned Book Collection Instant Library

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This vintage home themed book set has a earthy and rustic aesthetic with tones of brick red, russet brown, burgundy and rouge. It would look lovely on an antique or stylish bookshelf as an addition to other antique books or even as the start of a collection. Titles include: -The New Kobbe's Complete Opera Book ~ The Earl of Homewood -American Encyclopedia of Social and Commercial Information -It's Fun to Make it Yourself ~ Maney -Arts and Crafts ~ Ickis -Modern Household Encyclopedia ~ Jessi De Both -The Encyclopedia of Household Hints and Dollar Stretchers ~ Michael Gore -The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan ~ W.S. Gilbert -"Bee" Best Cards to For Poker 


All are in vintage condition, bindings are intact.


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