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Hawaii Kai Ku God Tiki Mug - Retro Tropical Barware

Hawaii Kai Ku God Tiki Mug - Retro Tropical Barware

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Here we have a vintage Hawaii Kai Ku God Tiki Mug, a true gem of Polynesian drinkware and a must-have for any tiki bar enthusiast or tiki collector. Made in the 1960s, this Hawaiian-inspired mug embodies the spirit of the islands with its vibrant green glaze and iconic design. It features the revered Hawaiian god Ku, a prominent figure in Hawaiian mythology. Ku is the god of war and prosperity, embodying strength, fertility, and protection.

Not limited to its use as a piece of drinkware for sipping your favorite rum concoctions and cocktails, this vintage mug can also double as a planter or a pencil holder, adding a touch of island charm to your workspace or plant room. Its mid-century aesthetic make it a fun and versatile piece that stands out in any setting.

The Hawaii Kai Tiki Bar, located in Manhattan, New York, was an iconic establishment in the 1960s known for its Hawaiian-inspired ambiance and lively tiki culture. Frequented by locals and visitors alike, the bar became a popular hotspot in the mid-century era. The Hawaii Kai Tiki Bar was a destination where people could experience the enchantment of the Polynesian islands, sipping exotic cocktails served in eye-catching tiki mugs like the vintage Hawaii Kai Ku God Tiki Mug. The bar was also in a number of films and popular TV shows, including most notably a scene from Goodfellas.


It is in wonderful vintage condition, with no chips or cracks. As is common in many ceramic pieces with age, there might be some slight crazing. 


Measure about 7 inches tall.


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