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IBM School Clock Vintage Modern Industrial Wall Decor

IBM School Clock Vintage Modern Industrial Wall Decor

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This IBM school wall clock brings an awesome industrial look to any room. With bold numbering and industrial style, this stunning piece would look awesome as an accent on a wall. Originally, this clock hung in a school room and was the type that would be synchronized to all the other clocks in the building, re-synching a few times per day. The cord on the clock is rather short, so if you are thinking of putting it in a spot that is far from an outlet, it may need to be re-wired with a longer wire or you may need to use an extension cord. It does not have a bell in it. 


It is in wonderful vintage condition, with a nice white face and is in working order, still keeping good time. Since it was a clock that would automatically sync and there was no way to set it, we have replaced the motor and hands. See the last photo for a look at what the new hands look like.


Measures about 14 inches in diameter.


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