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Lightship Chesapeake National Park Service Sign Vintage Coastal Decor

Lightship Chesapeake National Park Service Sign Vintage Coastal Decor

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Looking for the perfect decor for your beach or vacation home? This vintage Lightship Chesapeake round sign in elegant blue and white is just for you! Ideal for ocean enthusiasts, history buffs, or interior decorators, this striking wall decor is a captivating centerpiece for any beach, marine, or sea-inspired space.

This vintage sign comes from the Chesapeake lightship, a vessel that acted as a floating lighthouse and began her tour of duty on August 17, 1930. This ship was retired in 1965 and today, she rests at her permanent mooring facility in Baltimore, Maryland, where she to educates students on the environment through the National Park Service. The sign is made of painted wood.

Whether you’re decorating a cozy beach cottage or a sophisticated seaside retreat, this oceanic sign brings a touch of nautical history and timeless charm to your home. The blue and white design effortlessly complements coastal decor, making it an eye-catching addition to any room. Embrace the spirit of the sea and the rich history of the Chesapeake with this stunning wall decor, and let your space reflect the beauty and adventure of the ocean.




The sign is in good vintage condition, and the paint has held up very well over the years. It does have some wear from storage over the years, such as some minor scuffs and discoloration to the white in a few spots. 



Measures about 30 inches in total diameter. The inner circle (empty area) is 20 inches in diameter.


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