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New York 1935 Vintage Omnibus Taxi License Plate

New York 1935 Vintage Omnibus Taxi License Plate

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Here we have a vintage 1935 New York Omnibus license plate. It features the "O" prefix that designates it as registered to either a bus or taxi and the yellow background with black numbering. This plate is also neat because it seems to have been re-used as a commercial plate as well, as it has a second set of numbers painted on the back.

The plate would be a neat gift for someone who lives in New York, souvenir to remember a trip to New York City, or even as decor to a New York lover. License plates also make great house warming gifts or gifts for someone who was born the year the plates were issued, and they look stellar on a wall in a collection with many different states and colors.

Some history on the Omnibus:

The late 1820s was when mass transit as we know it began. An omnibus was originally a large horse-drawn carriage or stagecoach that would hold several people (usually 10- 12) and went a designated route to and from a location. By the early 1900s, omnibuses came to be known as horse-drawn streetcars that traveled along rails within the street, although they were still drawn by horses. New York issued license plates for Omnibuses from 1917 to 1939, denoted with the “O” prefix as seen here. These would go on both buses and taxicabs until 1939 when buses got their own special designations on plates.



This plate is in good vintage condition, showing some decent wear and character. The paint is original, it has not been repainted.


Measures about 16 inches long and 6 inches wide.


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