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Random Upstate New York Postcard Lot of 5

Random Upstate New York Postcard Lot of 5

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Vintage Upstate New York Postcard Set: Windows to an Idyllic American Era

Step back in time with this set of vintage linen and pre-linen era postcards, each capturing the quintessential charm of upstate New York. These midcentury linen treasures date to 1900s-1910s and  feature graphics of state parks, outdoor scenes, and buildings from towns across the state, all rendered in vibrant colors and whimsical perspectives reminiscent of classic films from the 1930s to the 1950s. They offer a captivating glimpse into the region's rich heritage, celebrating bustling small towns, rolling farmlands, and scenic views.

Perfect for the local history buff or anyone drawn to the timeless allure of rural living, these postcards make an ideal accent for farmhouse-inspired or mid-century modern decor. Frame a cluster to bring nostalgic charm to your upstate home or use them to infuse a local eatery with inviting, retro ambiance. However displayed, these pieces are sure to evoke fond memories and the upbeat, optimistic spirit of America's heartland communities from decades past.

This listing is for a set of five random postcards.


These postcards are all in good vintage condition, considering their age. There are no rips, but some may have some wear to the edges. Some are blank, while others have messages on them from their original senders.


Measures about 3.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. 

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