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Vintage Blowing Rock North Carolina Bumper Sign Ephemera

Vintage Blowing Rock North Carolina Bumper Sign Ephemera

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Here we have a vintage Blowing Rock North Carolina bumper bumper sign, a fascinating piece of ephemera from western North Carolina. This unique piece of automotive history takes us back prior to the 1940s, a time before bumper stickers.

Before bumper stickers became a ubiquitous form of personal expression on our vehicles, bumper signs, like this one, were crafted from printed cardboard with holes in the corners. These signs could be affixed to a car's bumper using wire or string. While they allowed drivers to showcase their affiliations and interests, they weren't known for their weather resistance. Attempts were made to weatherize these signs with varnishes, shellac, or wax, but success was elusive, and not many exist intact today.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is celebrated for its natural beauty, drawing travelers in search of a tranquil escape. Its name originates from a unique rock formation, creating uplifting gusts of wind as objects defy gravity. Beyond its stunning scenery, the area is graced with Glen Burney Falls and Glen Marie Falls. Historically, Blowing Rock was a disputed territory between the Cherokee and Catawba Native American tribes. Legend tells of star-crossed lovers, one from each tribe, near the cliffs. When the man was called to battle and the woman pleaded for him to stay, he leaped into the gorge in desperation. Her prayer to the Great Spirit brought him back atop the Blowing Rock, adding a touch of enchantment to the site.

This vintage Blowing Rock bumper sign not only offers a nostalgic glimpse into the evolution of vehicle adornment but also serves as a unique piece of North Carolina history. This piece of auto ephemera would look stunning framed and hung on a wall. Whether displayed as a conversation starter in your home or as part of your automotive memorabilia collection, it's a tangible piece of the past that sparks curiosity and tells a story of the days when cars proudly wore their interests on their "sleeves."


This bumper sign is in decent vintage condition, considering its age and that it's made out of a heavy card-stock paper. It does show some wear from use on a vehicle and storage over the years. Most notably, there is some water discoloration on the bottom left edge. 


The bumper sign  measures about 21.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.


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