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Vintage Nu Jersey Creme Seltzer Siphon Bottle Barware Decor

Vintage Nu Jersey Creme Seltzer Siphon Bottle Barware Decor

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This vintage Nu Jersey Creme seltzer siphon bottle is the perfect addition to your bar cart or home bar display. This seltzer bottle was made by the British Syphon Company Limited and dates to the early 1950s. It features heavy clear glass with an acid-etched elephant graphic and the name ‘Nu Jersey-Creme Co, Toronto' on the front. It also has paneled walls, with 12 sides in total. The bottle is topped with a solid white and blue plastic top, which adds a pop of color to the piece.

Originally from Texas, the Nu Jersey Cream company had offices in Chicago and Toronto by 1910. The Canadian branch of the company continued for a number of years, using a different spelling to avoid any suggestion that the drink contained dairy products.

Vintage seltzer siphon bottles were a common sight in bars and restaurants in the early to mid-20th century. They were used to carbonate water and make soda water, which was a popular mixer for cocktails and other drinks. Bartenders would use the siphon to dispense the carbonated water into a glass or cocktail shaker, where it could be combined with other ingredients into tasty concoctions.

In addition to their functional use, vintage seltzer siphon bottles were also prized for their aesthetic appeal. Their elegant curves and decorative embellishments made them a popular choice for display on bar carts and in home bars. Many collectors today seek out vintage seltzer bottles for their unique design and to add a bit of flair to their bar cart, home bar, or mancave.


It is in good vintage condition, and has no chips or cracks. The etched graphics are still very clear (and hard to photograph!). The only flaw of note is that the glass straw on the inside has broken. We have not opened it to attempt to remove it.


Measures about 13 inches tall and has a capacity of 38 oz.


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